Immigration CRM - Frequently Asked Questions

iCRM is a cloud based Canadian immigration consultants software fit to all sizes of immigration consulting and law firms having solo practice to a fleet of lawyers or consultants and handling tons of thousands immigration cases no matter international student study permit, work permit, business visa, express entry based permanent residency, PNP, spousal, parents, super visa etc.

iCRM committed to train its clientele and their team at the client site and in your preferred time frame . Our professional trainer schedules a training session and walks through each and every functionality of the iCRM. Our trainer makes sure everyone gets fully trained before leaving the training session.

iCRM committed to providing 100% free staff training and no fee will be charged in any circumstances. All training will be scheduled in your preferred time frame.

iCRM committed to providing 100% free staff training even if you hire more staff in future. So whenever you have new hiring you can schedule another free training session through iCRM.

iCRM has implemented a top-notched data security algorithm to keep your data private, encrypted, and protected from white as well as black cyber attacks. We have kept the physical server in the world number data center which protects from physical attacks.

iCRM has a triple security system having a secure connection, top-notch encryption algorithm and sensitive data stored in machine code.

The hosting is secured and backups are taken and kept in a bank locker (yes, under lock and key) frequently to ensure 1) the utmost confidentiality; and 2) the quickest restoration of most recent data as part of our disaster recovery plan.

Our new Client Center, a web center separate from the Attorney's Practice Workspace, allows clients/applicants the ability to view and edit their own case information and forms, as well as discuss their cases through iCRM, rather than email. A corporate HR person, for example, can now view all their cases in a single location, and drill down on each case for further details, as well as make changes to forms, if you want. Also, we have now introduced Syncrodation on our forms, so now you just type once, either on the actual form or on the info sheet and it will update all subsequent forms with your revised information. This can really save a lot of time. There are so many tools iCRM offers for you to manage your practice. SnapShot is a searchable single area to find all information pertaining to any applicant. Connected to each client's Snapshot is its NetShelf, where you can upload and stack a case's pertinent documents. The Slicer allows you to "slice and dice" all your data for easily customizable reporting serving your firm's many different purposes. Expirations & Deadlines link directly to Scheduler. which is fully integrated with each user's version of My WebDesk and Max Manager now gives you control over your user, client and overall iCRM experience. Plus, the whole site is instructive, so your paralegals won't find iCRM too confusing or hard to use. Step-by-step, descriptive boxes guide the user through each module, and a simple click on attached question marks provides instant help.

iCRM is designed to be a centralized web workspace for your immigration practice's needs. The toolset in iCRM can be integrated into your existing procedures to capitalize on your business' existing strengths. Using iCRM's full suite will allow you to eliminate the less productive software you use to separately handle your calendars, invoicing, case management, forms administration and contact management. In addition, you can cut costs associated with purchasing, maintenance, licensing and depreciation of supporting hardware and software. We research, evaluate and then acquire the best and most solid systems and then keep it upgraded, and secured. You can concentrate on your core competency.

Yes! By using our NetShelf to stack case documents, you can save file space both on your computer and in your office furniture. You can also save on overall office space, with the freedom iCRM gives your entire staff to connect from anywhere online. And in fact, our galvanized reports, featuring the Slicer, provide you with the digital intelligence you need to enable you to cost-effectively control your staff, and even downsize unproductive team members, if required.

Your iCRM membership provides for unlimited cases. In the case of NetShelf, it allows you upto 5 GB as part of the membership, but additional server space can be purchased on a month-to-month or annual unlimited package basis. Do inquire about NetShelf special offers, which we frequently present.

Your data is considered privileged data and is confidentially stored in your database in your space on our servers. The hosting is secured and backups are taken and kept in a bank locker (yes, under lock and key) frequently to ensure 1) the utmost confidentiality; and 2) the quickest restoration of most recent data as part of our disaster recovery plan. Our servers are additionally protected with the same anti-hacker programs as the U.S. Army.. so you can rest easy.

First, test-drive iCRM and let us know what modules fit your office's procedures. Then, in a day or so, we will custom-build your iCRM experience for you and you receive free phone training, as well as a quick start guide. That's it, you're on your way. If you have conversion needs, our consulting firm will be happy to suggest cost-effective alternatives. But first, and quick fill our form to get your test drive.